Hijab and its benefits

Today I am going to tell you why wearing  Hijab is good spiritually and physically? There have been lots of problems regarding skin diseases due to exposure of sun’s rays and other chemical  reaction taking place in the environment from chemical factories  that can be poisonous for our skin. Sometimes when we are not covering our skin properly it can lead to serious disease just as  skin cancer and other deadly diseases. However people who don’t like Hijab are considering this a propaganda that women should start wearing Hijab because of that but honestly its not like that . Wearing Hijab is Allah’s(GREAT) commandments in the Holy Quran. Spiritually it will lead to paradise and physically our lives can be healthy and save from all diseases in the world. We have to keep this in mind this world is not a paradise even though we try to make  it like one , it can never be because this world is a testing ground for a men and women of faith. If you follow the Holy Quran’s teachings you will get the benefit of both the worlds or else eventually both the worlds will fall from your hands. I know people reading this post  will have some  objections regarding my perception but keep in mind this is not my perception it’s Allah(GREAT)’s perception to cover your self. You know Sun have harmful rays also that can damage your skin cells , plus not forget other chemical containers that are been setting out in oceans and another garbage disposals contains harmful radiation and chemical effects that can cause a disease in your skin.




People are coming with new theories day by day to  how to get rid of these  diseases in the form of creams and gels to protect your  skin.While  1400 years ago it has already been taking care of that you have to cover your body .This is not just for Women of faith but also for men to cover their bodies, wearing clothes that can hide the parts that Allah(GREAT) have commandment them to do and not to show their bodies to na-mehram. Islam is a balance religion it can never fail to balance the difference. You see in a way you are benefiting your own body and your soul for this world and for the next, how lucky you are to wear these kind of Hijabs while others don’t have sense to wear them because they  have turned their backs on Islam. As for Hijab,  SuZain hijabs have a variety of wonderful Hijabs that you might be looking for at a reasonable price. So don’t waste you time, start purchasing these wonderful Hijabs at SuZain hijabs.