Hijab banned in France

So the French Prime Minister does not like to wear any kind of Hijab that should cover any part of the body because he thinks this is a taboo and it shows a lack of confidence and your communication skills. He further said that these  things should be banned because women are forced to wear these type of things. So can I ask him  where did the freedom of speech  just went? We Muslims should remind him that what we wear is just not because we are forced to wear but we wear it through our hearts. Whenever we trying  to practice our religion peacefully they have issues with our faith. Where as they have free to criticize anyone’s religion they want to, then that’s the part of their  entertainment side. They might be forgetting in their dark ages their women used to wear veil to cover their face. Just now that they have went towards moderation that they are accepting this practice as from the dark ages. The truth is that they have all forgotten about modesty and respect that they had  back then  and now they are the people who are still living in the dark ages. This is  our  religion and we are free to practice as they are. Hijab is a source of respect and  modesty for women. They have no right To talk about Hijab and Veil as a source of punishment. I would like to  tell all my sisters that they shouldn’t give up on wearing  hijab or veil because this is the commandment of ALLAH(THE GREAT) and it shouldn’t be give up.



PHOTO COURTESY BY chicagomonitor

A women’s dignity its in her  hijab because it shows modesty and tolerance unlike other people. Sisters should come out even more in Hijab and veil to show the Prime Minister of France and to all haters and that we won’t stop wearing hijab. This is just a propaganda to promote Islam in not in a nice way.Islam is a peaceful religion and do girls wearing hijab and or veil have attack any individual in France, “NO” but  our sisters are getting criticize by these people everywhere they go. My message to my sisters is that be tolerant because don’t forget you are also a citizen of France and you have  every single right to live the life you want. As for Hijab,  SuZain hijabs have a variety of wonderful Hijabs that you might be looking for at a reasonable price. So don’t waste you time, start purchasing these wonderful Hijabs at SuZain hijabs.